Oftentimes, batteries ordinateur portable┬ábecomes quite pricey up to the point that you can’t afford to keep replacing them now and then. Not everyone has $100 to give out and this is why certain measures are mapped out to ensure that you bring back dying laptop batteries to life.

In this article, you will find out top different ways that you restore your laptop battery at home without involving a technician, stay glued!

Ways You Can Restore a Weak Laptop Battery

These are top tips to keeping your laptop battery alive:

1. Cool Your Laptop

This comes in handy if you’re using a lithium ion-based laptop battery. The best way to increase the life of your lithium-ion battery is to ensure that the laptop is made to cool. Note, if your laptop is usually hot, it can lead to fast damage to your battery, hence reducing its life span. Purchasing a good cooling pad will help you achieve this feat.

Avoid getting too comfortable with warmth or hotness from your battery, ensure that you examine and take necessary steps for protection.

2. Do Not Leave Battery in While Laptop is charging

This is only applicable to laptops with removable batteries. If your laptop is plugged into a power source, you can remove its battery. However, before settling for this measure, ensure that you’ve tested it as some laptops tend to perform poorly when their battery is out. But if the laptop is functioning fine and always plugged into a power source, it will be best if you removed the battery.

3. Recalibrate Your Laptop Battery

If your battery is new, then this process isn’t necessary. However, for a very old battery, recalibration is recommended. The major reason why people do recalibration is because of how the computer operating system finds it difficult to figure out the level of capacity that’s left in the battery. You can look up your laptop battery provider and see instructions on how to perform a recalibration on your battery.

4. Unplug When Battery is fully charged

The last thing you may want to try out is to unplug the laptop as soon as its battery is charged100%. If it’s 7% or less, do not hesitate to plug in and charge it up again. For lit lithium batteries that are new, this can reduce their life span, and the best way to handle it is by allowing it to drop to 35% then charge it up to 65 to 85%. While this sounds a little bit off and crazy, it’s unarguably the best thing you can do to ensure the best battery life for the battery.

If you want to maintain your battery life, this method is worth the fact, even though it requires you to do some hard work.


So, those are the different ways to save your laptop battery from dying. It’s always advised that you see a technician or sort the counsel of your providers to ensure that you are treading the right path always.


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