The UV printing method, commonly known as UV printing, requires the formulation of a particular ink that has been instantly dried when exposed to Light. The sheet is exposed to UV light as soon as it passes through all the printers and acquires wet pigment. There is no risk of the ink penetrating or spreading because the UV light dries it instantly. As a result, print with more clarity in details, pictures, and words. A UV printer has comfortable and high-quality parts and capabilities that allow you to deal with nearly any material.

Applications of YOSUN UV Printer

Printing on paper is possible using a rotary uv printer. There are a variety of printer models to choose from, so make sure you get one that matches the type of paper you use the most in your business. A UV flatbed printer, for example, can print on a variety of different kinds of writing, allowing you to print on a variety of different products. It can handle envelopes, postcards, photo sizes, legal form, A3, letter paper, A4, and ledger paper, among other sheet sizes.

Glassware has always served as a symbol of status, and it continues to do so today. It may be cut and molded into almost any design and embellished in various ways. UV printing on Glass entails using UV technology to customize or label glass goods such as plaques, prizes, or cutlery. Glass comes in different shapes. A Rotary UV Printer with jigs helps to hold the product in place. For example, you can incorporate a jig to have a spherical glass statue or a cylindrical glass tube for stable and precise printing . Glass is used in a wide range of applications, including dinnerware, windows, phone screens, and packaging.

Cotton and wool, for example, are not suited for use in a Rotary UV Printer because the fabric retains the UV ink. As a result, the UV-LED technique does not have enough time to thoroughly cure the ink because it cannot permeate all of the fabric’s internal threads. Contact with uncured UV ink on normal skin can produce mild to severe contact dermatitis, resulting in redness. However, some fabric kinds, such as leather and windbreaker-style material, can be used. These varieties do not absorb ink. Therefore no uncured ink comes into contact with your skin.

Rotary Printer Sizes and Performance

UV printers are available in various sizes to meet your company’s printing needs. If UV printing is something you want to do as a hobby or for a bit of a project, go for a tiny alternative that you can use at home or in a small business. The industrial-size and automatic versions have a more excellent UV printer cost range than the smaller manual Rotary UV Printer type due to their variation in capacities and production rates. The use of large-format UV printers improves efficiency in the busy printing sector.

Thanks to the UV technology and drying mechanism, you may use a YOSUN UV printer to print on any substrate. For the most significant outcomes, pick a tailored model to fulfill your intended purpose.

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