Basketball court tiles are a versatile option. The PP tiles have several benefits for use in the court as a flooring option. The tiles are shock absorbers, strong, durable, well-draining, and easy to maintain. You can easily install them in your backyard, making them a great choice for outdoor and indoor courts.

If you are looking to get a basketball court installed with tiles, you should know about the structure of these flooring materials. You can go now to ZS floor tech to check out a range of options for tiles for the court. Here is a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about the structure of the tiles. Keep reading.

What Are Basketball Court Tiles?

Basketball court tiles are an alternative option that solves some of the major issues of court flooring. The PP material is similar to PVC but with slight differences. This synthetic plastic is highly durable. It can last you a long time. The thermoplastic does not disintegrate easily and maintains its original shape for several years, which makes it a great option for the floor as you won’t have to repair it again and again. Moreover, there are other benefits, like the tiles being cost-effective, shock-absorbent, and more.

The Structure of The Basketball Tiles

The basketball court tiles are made from thermoplastic polypropylene from a single monomer. A single tile is made from about 50 elastic cushions, which give it a high bounce level and keep it stable enough to absorb the impact of the jumps. This makes it safe for the joints as well. Basketball court tiles are built to withstand extreme weather changes and tolerate varying environmental conditions. They won’t break easily.

Basketball Tile Design

You can get these court tiles in various colors to match your home décor. The tiles are designed with the required court lines already painted on them. The anchor bolting mechanism and the removable gaps in the tiles make it quick and easy to lay them down by snapping them together. The tiles have strong keels in them to give them resistance against deformation.

How Is the Structure Beneficial for You?

The basketball court tiles have a unique build and structure that give you several benefits of installing them. You can save yourself from a horde of issues, including the wet courts, which prevent the players from playing. The tiles are also eco-friendly, making them a sustainable option.

Comfort For the Joints

The court tiles have keels and strongly supports that absorb the shocks and the jumps, leaving a low impact on the knees and the players’ joints. Compared to playing on concrete or cement floors, you will feel the bones in your body being at ease and less hurt in your joints after you start playing on the tiles.


Basketball court tiles are a safe, secure, and durable option for the floor of both an indoor and outdoor court. You can get them installed easily without much hassle. There are extensive benefits to choosing to go with the basketball court tiles. Their structure is built to provide shock absorption, durability, and protection against slipping by giving more traction, instant water drainage, and easy maintenance. You can maintain the floor without much effort and enjoy playing on the court for a long time.


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