When it comes to storage doors, the most common are roll-up doors, because they are very easy to operate and very convenient to open and close. However, their frequent use will require good lubrication.

Surely you have come to a store or warehouse where the roll-up door does not go up and down quickly or when it does, it makes a very uncomfortable sound. This is a sign that it is not being cared for properly.

To prevent the rolling doors from creaking or getting stuck opening or closing, it is key to use lubricants on a constant basis so that they can roll more easily.

The lubrication part is very important when it comes to taking care of your automatic rolling door. It is the only way to ensure that it can last longer and in the best condition.

Generally, when rolling doors are installed in stores, the door is only opened when the working day starts and closed when it ends. In other words, in places like these, the frequency of raising and lowering is not so frequent.

The opposite is true in warehouses or factories. In these spaces, rolling doors are used more frequently, so keeping them well lubricated will improve their operation.

Even if what you have is a storage door that you have not used in a long time, you should also apply lubricant, since when it is not used for a long time, it tends to dry out.

Lubricating the upper roller

The door rolling system has several parts that make this process happen. It is the roll-up roller that makes the door go up and down, so it needs to be properly lubricated.

For this it is advisable to lower the door completely, open the box where the roller is and apply abundant lubricant at each end. The rollers are different depending on the model of roller door you have installed.

Lubricating belt contact parts

Rolling doors usually have small cylinders and other parts that also regulate the speed at which the door slides. This part also needs constant lubrication to prevent jamming, rattling and rapid belt wear.

Lubricating the rails

It is definitely the tracks that make the sliding of the rolling door possible. These rails are often filled with dirt and dust, so it is always recommended to remove it before lubricating so that the surface where it is to be applied is clean.

Once the lubricant has been applied, it is necessary to let it act for a few minutes so that it really adheres to the rails and then the sliding is much smoother.

The same must be done with the pulleys and door rods. For this it is advisable to use spray lubricant, this way you make sure that the chemical gets to all the places.

As you can see, lubrication is essential for rolling doors to work as well as possible. In addition to ensuring that they work better, this will make the door last longer and not have major failures that imply replacing it.


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