There are many factors that affect the purchase of FIFA coins. And one must take them all into account before buying. The reason is that most people don’t even know How to buy fifa coins. Here are some of the factors to consider before buying these coins.

· Use Legit Sites

Most people who are crazy to play games don’t think much about the sites. They just choose any random site, log in to it and start buying the coins. This is a wrong way to do so because there are more chances of getting banned this way. They may scam you by selling fake coins. Or another situation is that you pay for the coins and you get nothing. So, choose legitimate and registered sites that genuinely offer FIFA coins.

Also, most professionals recommend not to wander here and there, from one site to another. Rather, you must stick to a single site that is trustworthy. If you  frequently buy these, you may get caught which will lead to a permanent ban. Do some research before time and choose the one that you think is the best in the market. After that, make a long-term relationship with it to make transactions and to buy coins.

Website’s security is another important factor to consider. See if there is a security padlock on the web page or not. If there isn’t any, choose any other payment option or find a new seller. Some sites offer customers the coins in low prices and they get attracted to those sites. But since there is no security, you may end up losing your money. And this may be considered as illegal which will lead to a permanent ban also.

· Use FIFA Coins Immediately

Once you have bought these coins, you must use them quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t let you get banned from the game in any way. Also, try not to keep them in your account for long as this will risk your entity.

Most sites are aware of the fact that people skip Terms & Conditions part. Such conditions may not favor the customers much but since they have to agree, they do it anyway. That is the reason why sites design these in their own way. And if you have agreed, there is no going back. Take a look at the policies carefully and then decide whether you want to agree or not.

· Payment Options

The payment option may vary depending on the site you are using. This is more like the options used in casinos. Some of them accept local currencies while others deal in dollars only. However, with the evolution of cryptocurrency, most sites have started to use bitcoin and other such coins. Similar is the case here. Choose the site that accepts the payment method that is readily available to you. Also, see if they accept debit or credit cards as well. If they do, buy the coins.


Never buy FIFA coins from a site that is just selling them. Research well by taking some time and then decide whether you can trust them or not.


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