The most popular way to swiftly acquire longer, thicker hair is using hair extensions, which can quickly change your appearance. There are other hair extension lengths available; however, because of their effects and versatility, 24-inch hair extensions are the most widely used. Nonetheless, a wide array of choices are available in the market, which is why selecting quality extensions is crucial. Below are some factors that one should look at when they are purchasing quality 24-inch hair extensions.

Material: Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

It’s crucial to ascertain whether synthetic or human hair was utilized to create the extensions before embarking on your quest for premium hair. Human hair extensions are usually better because their texture is more like real hair and they blend in with it more effortlessly. Women who are balding or experiencing hair loss typically choose them since they can be styled, dyed, and treated like genuine hair. While synthetic extensions are more affordable, they do not have the same natural swing and cannot be treated with heat tools. Choosing 100% Remy human hair, in which the cuticles are not stripped and are preserved in the same direction, is good and makes the extensions not tangle easily.

Weft Construction

Another important factor is the construction of the weft. Good wefts are usually double-sewn and doubled at the back to minimize shedding. To prevent the extensions from damaging too soon, it’s also crucial to make sure that the stitching is tight and spaced evenly. Additionally, click to visit reputable brands manufacturing good hair extensions.

Texture and Color Matching

The texture and color of the extensions should be as close to your hair as possible. Quality extensions can be straight, curly, or in any other texture and can be available in different colors. Some of the brands provide an option to color it according to your preference and to match it with other accessories. When choosing extensions, try to find those that have a uniform color throughout the entire extension; if you see that the color is inconsistent, then it is most likely low quality.

Length Consistency and Density

Look for the difference in length and density in any part of the extensions. Ideal hair extensions should be thick right from the root part to the tips without tapering along the length of the hair. This evenness suggests that the hair is in good condition, and has not been exposed to a lot of chemical treatments. Check the extensions to confirm that they are indeed 24 inches long and that the hair is abundant all over the length of the extension.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Last but not least; evaluate the reputation of the brand and the feedback received from the customers. It is possible to conclude that established brands like Intactehair with positive feedback are more likely to supply good quality products. To find the best hair extensions, search for reviews that can contain information about durability, appearance, and the overall experience with the extensions. Pictures and reviews from actual customers can offer valuable information on how the extensions perform in real life.


Purchasing 24-inch hair extensions, therefore, entails assessing the material, the quality of the wefts, the texture and color of the hair, length uniformity, and the reputation of the hair extension company. Thus, by being keen on these aspects, you will be in a position to purchase extensions that will be natural in appearance, durable, and improve your appearance.


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